Experience high-tech at its very best! For the first-time shooter or expert marksman, enjoy a one-of-a-kind shooting experience without firing a single round of ammunition. Enjoy a variety of exciting, life-like scenarios, it’s the closest you can get to the real deal.

Real Life Scenarios:

Respond accordingly to armed robbery, home invasion, carjacking, muggings, and a variety of intense life-like situations that demand your immediate response.

Just For Fun:

Practice with moving targets, long range targets, pop-up targets, shooting games, and so much more. It makes your common video game seem like… child’s play.



$25 for 1 person
$40 for 2-4 people
Private parties available! Call us for details at (805) 583-3774


$50 for 1 person
$80 for 2-4 people

The TI Simulator

Proven in the law enforcement and military community, the Gunfighter PRO ™ delivers the same simulation training to the civilian market with 200+ judgement scenarios loaded onto the system.

The Gunfighter PRO's scenarios allow the trainee to make those split-second use-of-force decisions in a controlled environment, while the instructor can change the outcome of the scenarios to custom tailor to
a specific class or training objective.

The Gunfighter SPORT features our state-of-the-art simulation technology packed with games, skills building activities, and competitions. The Gunfighter SPORT is completely self-paced, and requires no instructor.