Shooting Range Safety Rules

Know before you go
  1. Everyone who is using the range, regardless of experience, must first go through the range safety orientation and complete all required paperwork. No exceptions.
  2. The use of alcohol and drugs before or during shooting is prohibited.
  3. No food, drink, chewing gum or tobacco products are allowed on the range.
  4. Eye and ear protection MUST be put on before entering the range and must remain
    on during the entire use of the range.
  5. All firearms must be unloaded, cased and locked while going to and from the range. Law Enforcement and Concealed Carry Permit holders are allowed to enter the facility holstered and hot. The range requests to see your CCW permit or law enforcement identification. For safety reasons loaded firearms are prohibited in certain areas of the facility where dry fire exercises may take place. These areas include all classrooms, as well as the simulator room.
  6. Shooters must remain behind the firing line at all times during open shooting hours.
  7. Firearms and ammunition used on the range may be subject to inspection at any
  8. Firearms may be un-cased or un-holstered within the confines of the shooting booth ONLY. All firearm handling is restricted to the confines of the shooting booth. Never handle firearms outside the shooting booth area.
  9. Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction while on the range. This means downrange.
  10. Always keep your finger off the trigger until your firearm is pointed at the target and you are ready to shoot.
  11. All targets must be placed at eye level to ensure the rounds go directly into the backstop. Be mindful of range damage, bullets do continue on a path beyond the paper and cardboard targets you are shooting at.
  12. Only aimed fire is allowed on the range. This means firearms must be sighted at eye level. Shooting from the hip is specifically prohibited.
  13. Firearms may only be tabled unloaded with the actions open and muzzle pointed downrange. For revolvers this means cylinder open and visible, muzzle pointing downrange. For semi-automatics this means slide locked to the rear, magazine removed, ejection port facing up and muzzle pointing downrange. The only exception is during a cease-fire.
  14. If you have brought more than one firearm, use only one at a time. When finished with one, lock the cleared firearm and ammunition in the case before moving on to use the next one.
  15. No drawing from holsters.
  16. Only use the correct ammunition designated for your firearm. Armor piercing/steel core and tracer ammunition is specifically prohibited. No steel core/ mild steel core/ steel jacket etc. Smokin’ Barrel Guns staff understands the difference between steel jacketed and steel core. As a user of our facility you are expected to have the same understanding.
  17. Shotguns may be used with slugs.
  18. Full automatics, while not allowed without restrictions during normal open shooting
    hours, may be used during scheduled or arranged times with staff supervision.
  19. The following procedures must be followed for any firearm or ammunition problems that occur and cannot be resolved in a safe manner by the shooter:
    - Remain in the shooting booth.
    - Keep the firearm pointed downrange.
    - Raise your non-shooting hand to signal a Range Safety Officer that you are in need of assistance.
  20. If you observe an unsafe condition, report it to a Range Safety Officer immediately.
  21. Upon the command of “CEASE FIRE“ stop shooting immediately and engage the
    safety. Place your firearm on the table or ground pointing downrange and back away from the shooting booth. Do not under any circumstances re-approach the firing line or touch your firearm until the command of “ALL CLEAR“ is given.
  22. All range commands given by Range Safety Officers must be obeyed immediately and without question. Range commands are non-negotiable.
  23. Shooters may collect their personal shot brass within the confines of the shooting booth once they have cleared and locked their firearm in their case. Shooters must remain behind the firing line at all times.
  24. RSO’s must approve all targets used on the range. Targets deemed inappropriate by RSO are prohibited. Acceptable targets are available for purchase in our store.
  25. Wash your hands and face after leaving the range.
  26. Be kind to your fellow shooters. Act responsible at all times. Foul language, horseplay or any other unsafe activity will not be tolerated. Shooters may be held financially responsible for range damage caused by improper or negligent use of a firearm.
  27. No open toed shoes or sandals.